Court Code

Appeal against judgment- correct application of the law- mixture of law and fact- appeal dismissed with cost to the Respondent 

Appeal against previous judgment on the grounds that the presiding Judge erred in law in fact when concluding the matter

Appeal against judgment on the grounds that the learned Judge erred in law in deciding- appeal allowed- judgment set aside

Appeal against judgment of a stay in execution- appeal dismissed- no order as to cost because of lapse of time

Appeal to set aside default judgment- appeal allowed- each party to bear their own cost

Appeal against summary judgment of the High Court- Appeal dismissed because it had no merit

Anti-corruption criminal Appeal- appeal against conviction and sentence- conviction and sentence set aside.

Appeal matter- Administration of Estate- Applicant's appeal dismissed.

An appeal by way of Notice of Motion or the court to order the release of the applicant's passport- Application granted.

An appeal by the applicant being dissatisfied with the judgment of the High Court- appeal dismissed