Court Code

Succession—Administrator-General—right to maintain proceedings—must obtain letters of administration before commencing declaratory action:

Evidence—burden of proof—negligence-employee prima facie liable for loss of or damage to employer’s property entrusted to his care—burden on employee to show no negligence-Employment—duties of employee—duty of care—duty to safeguard employer’s property entrusted to his care—prima facie liable for dam 

Evidence—burden of proof-standard of proof—negligence

Sale of Goods—sale by description—sale in canteen of beer requested by 15 brand name is sale by description within Sale of Goods Act (cap. 225), s.l6(2):

Criminal- Corruption offences- engaging in a project without prior planning contrary to section 48(2)(c) of the Anti-Corruption Act 2008- Conspiracy Section 128(1) of the ACC 2008- willfully failing to comply with the law relating to the tendering of contracts section 48(2)(b) of the ACC 2008-guilty on four count charges 

An Application by the counsel on behalf of the plaintiff/ applicant for a summary of judgement relating to Declaration of Tittle of property, recovery of possession, relief, delivered on the 3rd march 2020 by Hon Dr Justice B.M. Binneh Kamara. 

Judgement delivered on an objection to cross-examined deponents on the authenticity of contents of their affidavits in opposition on behalf of the defendant. the counsel for the applicant praying for specific orders like interim injunction, interlocutory injunction and cost.

An application by the solicitor of the applicant on behalf of the application claiming all the reliefs claimed in the notice of motion and the payment for the recovery of three hundred and fifty two thousand dollars. 

An application by way of notice of motion by solicitors of the defendant/applicant for the honorable court to grant the defendant leaves to appeal against a ruling by the honorable court dated 5th December 2020. also, grant a stay of proceeding of the matter pending hearing and determination of appeal if leave to appeal is granted.

An application by the plaintiff/Applicant against Defendant for the recovery of money in a sum total of two thousand dollars due owed and damages for breach of contract. furthermore any other action that may be demed fit by the court.

An application file in by the solicitors of the defendant/applicant praying for the following; an intrim stay of proceedings for the matter dated 17th june, 2015 pending hearing and determination  of application.furthermore, praying for grant of restitution and any other ation that the court may deemded fit by the honourable court