Court Code

Employment - safety - claims under Workmen’s Compensation Ordi­nance (cap.

 Liquor - offences - keeping open licensed premises during prohibited hours - elements of offence - intoxicating liquor must be available to outsiders during prohibited hours - appeal was allowed.

Succession - executors and administrators - number of executors - grant of probate limited to four executors in respect of same property - any other executors can take up powers only when vacancies occur- application was dismissed.

Land Law-estate  tail-words  of  limitation-devise  to  persons  and their legitimate children  after them forever-"forever" limits  devise to surviving legitimate children at  death of  last named person.


Land Use Planning-building regulations-building permits-permit granted under Kroo Reservation Ordinance (cap. 115), r.5-holder put into sufficient constructive possession to support trespass action.

Agency-duties and liabilities of agent-liability in contract-agent contracting in own name liable even if existence of principal dis­closed-

Constitutional Law-Governor-Deputy Governor-powers must be specified and limited under Letters Patent-authority to exercise all powers vested in Governor sufficient limitation-appeal dismissed.

Elections-qualifications of electors-alteration-revising officer not permitted to change nature of elector’s qualification-only correction of errors in register permitted-appeal was dismissed.

Civil Procedure—parties—plaintiffs—trespass to land—person in possession proper plaintiff—reversioner can recover only for injury to reversion.