Most Recent Judgments

Land and Property Division - Injunction - interim injunction against the defendant - Judgment in favor of the plaintiff

Land and Property Division - Injunction - Interlocutory injunction - Injunction granted in favor of the Applicant.

Land and Property - Injunction - Interlocutory injunctive relief - Application repudiated.

Application for bail - Applicant admitted for bail.

The aggrieved party dissatisfied with the decision of the High Court appeal the said decision- Judgment was made in favor of the Appellant- cost was to be borne by the Respondent

Commercial and Admiralty Division- An action via Writ of Summons for the recovery of salary and rent- the action was dismissed

Criminal Law- Conspiracy - conspiracy contrary to section 18 of the Anti-Human Trafficking Act of 2005

Manslaughter contrary to law

Cruelty to Children contrary to section 4 of CAP 31 of the Laws of Sierra Leone - Accused persons acquitted and discharged.

Commercial and Admiralty Division-An application by way of originating summons in a matter of a joint venture agreement-Judgment was entered for the defendant-cost to be borne by the defendant.

Land an property Division- An application pursuant to a notice of motion  for a stay execution of judgement- the orders prayed for in the application was denied by the ruling judge- the cost of the application shall be cost in the cause.

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