Most Recent Judgments

Land an property Division- An application pursuant to a notice of motion  for a stay execution of judgement- the orders prayed for in the application was denied by the ruling judge- the cost of the application shall be cost in the cause.

An Originating Notice of Motion seeking a number of orders against the defendants which required a number of declarations.

An action brought by the Plaintiff seeking clarification about certain measures which were taken by the Sierra Leone Police under the direction of the Defendant, the Inspector General of Police, on election day, 2018

Ruling on an Application for an Injunctive Relief, Pursuant to an Application Via a Notice of Motion.

Ruling on a Preliminary Objection to the Contents of the Notice of Appeal

Commercial and Admiralty Division - An application was made by way of notice of motion by GMI Chartering APS against BCM International Sierra Leone pursuant to Order 17 Rule 1(1) of the High Court Rules for the determination of certain questions of law- the questions were answered by the presiding Judge- Orders were entered for the plaintiff against the defendant.

Court of Appeal - Fraudulent Conversion - Judgement of the High Court be set aside and substituted by the Court of Appeal - 

General and Civil Division - The Counsel for the Plaintiff/Applicant filed a Judge's summons seeking for certain orders to be granted on behalf of the Plaintiff against the Defendant/Respondent. some of the orders requested by Plaintiff were granted whilst the few were considered resolved between the parties.

Criminal-Sexual Offences-Section 18 of Sexual Offences Act 2012 

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